Being grounded to me feels like coming home. It is my happy place…

It means being completely comfortable, open and true to myself. It means being fully present, relaxed and confident of who I am. An inner knowledge that I am exactly where I’m meant to be at this time in my life. I feel peaceful yet purposeful. I feel a strong connection to the Earth and to fellow man-kind. It is a reminder that we are all here for each other. But most of all I feel my heart expanding. I’m so grateful for the beauty of Mother Nature and the way she makes me feel. My cup runneth over… And when I’m in this place I can help others without depleting myself; I can be creative without running dry; I have unlimited energy, thoughts and kindness…

It’s like coming home, to me…

Some ways to Ground yourself:

  • Spend some time in Nature; a walk, swim, picnic, bike ride, surf, horse ride, anything you love to do that connects you with Mother Earth
  • Tend to your garden or someone else’s; if you don’t have a yard plant some herbs or flowers in pots and tend to them daily or join a community garden
  • Get close with an animal; whether it’s a domesticated pet or a bird on your windowsill or a lizard in the park, spend a moment of time with them. Really look at them and see if they try to connect back with you
  • Take off your shoes!!! Feel the Earth beneath your feet, the soft grass, the sand or even some cool mud. Let your feet breathe and enjoy everyday
  • Hug a tree! Seriously. Get to “know” the trees in your neighbourhood; how they sound, how they smell, how they feel, when they flower. Listen to their whispers

For me I like to walk in the bush… the many birds, animals, bush flowers and trees… by a creek or along the coast… It stirs the soul…

So how do you ground yourself?

Leave a comment… I’d love to hear xox


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