Slipping away…

I watched a yacht slip down the coast. Silently but surely. Inch by inch. It was just like time. Slipping away. So where has the time gone? Days have turned into weeks and I've not been in touch with you. With anyone really. Time has just slipped by. I hope you are all well and [...]


Bush bee

</ While I was enjoying my lunch today a little visitor popped by to join me for a while. Thanks for your company Bush Bee. xx

Rustle in the bushes

As I made my way to the car laden with groceries late yesterday I heard a faint rustle in the bushes. This little guy was busy foraging, pecking up his dinner.

Longest Summer…

With all the warm weather we've been having lately it's hard to believe that winter is officially only two days away. Warm balmy days of endless sunshine - we've enjoyed our extended summer. Even some of the trees are confused blossoming like they do in spring. The only hint we have that the season will [...]

Sunset over Fannie Bay

I'm traveling light this week with just my smartphone and a few changes of clothes. I'm in Darwin, the most Northern city in Australia and enjoying the warm weather. Such a contrast from from the cold rainy wet weather I left behind yesterday! So here are a few images to show how I spent my [...]

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