Out and About August 2019

Spring bush flowers are out and looking radiant! All photos are my own, some flowers are my first flowers in my new garden, others are from walks in the neighbourhood and some are from the Noosa National Park… Enjoy!


21 ways to fall in love with Nature over and over again…

Being out in Nature is my most favourite place to be. It soothes me and makes me feel so connected to the source energy of Mother Earth. She is so awesome and can stop you in your tracks and suck your breathe away with her wondrous beauty or be so immensely challenging to the point that you question your own existence. But the best part is that whether you choose to do it on your own or with someone special the energy you will feel after spending time with her will have a lasting effect on your happiness; your mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing…

How many of these ideas have you tried or do on a regular basis?

  1. Watch the Sun come up
  2. Swim in the Ocean
  3. Walk barefoot on the grass
  4. Listen to the whispers of the trees
  5. Talk to the Animals
  6. Take some art supplies outside & get creative
  7. Lie on a blanket under the stars
  8. Grow some herbs or tend to your garden
  9. Go camping with a bunch of friends
  10. Find a waterfall & swim in it
  11. Discover a secret garden, maze or labyrinth
  12. Book a holiday somewhere Wild
  13. Pack a picnic and head outdoors
  14. Watch the Moon rise and make a Wish
  15. Climb to the top of the highest mountain
  16. Take time to smell the flowers
  17. Keep a Nature Journal
  18. Give back to Nature eg volunteer, sign a petition, make a donation
  19. Share what you love about Nature with someone else
  20. Pick some flowers to bring Nature indoors
  21. Be curious Explore Dream Remember Connect with the Earth…

Connecting with Nature can have a powerful long-lasting effect on your wellbeing. What is your favourite way to connect? I’d love to hear in the comments below…

Love Bushflowergirl xox

“Embrace Life with the Power of Nature”

Bushflowergirl xox


New Beginnings…

They say there’s no time like the present.

And it’s also a New Moon so it seems like the perfect time for a new beginning!

Bushflowergirl started out just as a dream… a place to put my thoughts… my yearnings… my wanderings… a place to share my insights and love of the Natural world through words and pictures…

It still is… All that and a whole lot more

Bushflowergirl is growing up… She’s starting to speak up and take up space in the world… More confident… more in tune to herself and wanting to share what she has learned…

There’s so much to share I’m bursting to get started!

Enquiry, acknowledgement, calling back the lost parts and then transformation… and it keeps happening over and over going deeper and deeper each time… HOW EXCITING!

I still intend to share with you my wanderings, my dreams and the results of all my seeking but I want to also share with you an opportunity to work together… for me to share my gifts with you…

So WELCOME to the new look and feel of BUSHFLOWERGIRL

I hope you enjoy this new space and you feel comfortable here…

Poke around a little and see what you think… Let me know by leaving a post in the comments or sending me a message… I’m also on Facebook and I’m in love with Instagram if you prefer… occasionally I even Tweet!

And of course if you have any questions at all I’m here to be of service, to guide you on your path to happiness, joy and freedom by reconnecting with all your parts through Nature and celebrating with like minded folk…

I invite you to join the Bushflowergirl e-News Tribe and in return you will receive the Bushflowergirl Nature Journal downloadable pdf as my gift to you… It’s a place to start recording your own personal transformation as you Embrace Life with the Power of Nature...

Much love and gratitude to you all for being with me on this path to a contented life… It is my wish that we can all find true happiness, love and joy in this lifetime…

Love always from Bushflowergirl xox