Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

So what is a Bushflower Essence?

Australian Bush Flower Essences are natural remedies that restore the body to it’s purest level of vibrational health… They work on a deep emotional level to heal the mind, body & Spirit clearing negative feelings and belief patterns held deep in our subconscious mind & body… The essences are made up of vibrationally infused Flower water and preserved with a small amount of Australian brandy. (please ask if you prefer alcohol free preservative)

How are they made?

Using the four elements of the earth in an alchemical process using Sun, Wind, Water & Earth the healing vibrational energies of the flowers, which is the most highly evolved part of the plant, are stored and then used in gentle yet powerful drops or spray mists that allow our own body’s vibration to return to it’s own true optimum level…

How are they administered?

Simply by taking 7 drops under the tongue upon rising and before bed. If you prefer they can be added to a glass of water and in some instances added to a bath or lotion and applied directly to the skin.

Spray mists are also available.

How can they help you?

When we are in true alignment, mentally, emotionally & physically and vibrating as Nature intended then we can experience true health, happiness and contentment… Think of every part of your body vibrating at it’s own beautiful musical note and when each part is in alignment you will sound like a Symphony Orchestra!

Embrace Life with the Power of Nature…

Bushflowergirl xox