2020… down but not out

If you’re thinking like many that you can’t wait for 2020 to be over stop for a moment! Don’t wish it all away and expect that on the stroke of midnight new years eve that everything will be better. There is still plenty of time to do something positive this year and you have the choice right now and in this moment to decide how you’re going to show up. How you are going to behave. And how you are looking at yourself and the world around you. It’s always a choice.

There’s no time like now to start something new… So how have you been showing up and what thoughts have been occupying your mind of late?

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”

~ Lao Tzu

Your destiny really is in your hands. Life is a “choose your own adventure” and there’s no second prize for allowing someone else or something else take the reins and drive your carriage for you. It can feel safe to do this as you then have someone else to blame when it all goes horribly wrong but is that really the way you want to live your life? Let someone else control it for you? It’s time for you to take sovereign rights over your own life. To be in charge of your own destiny and to be the one calling the shots. Don’t just be led along. Be bold and empowered. Take the wheel. Take responsibility for yourself. Live your TRUE WILD SELF…

(Note to self: This work is ongoing and takes practice and sometimes things don’t work out the way you imagine they will. And sometimes it’s just plain hard going. There will be be times when you want to give up or take the easy option but if you keep going the feeling you will get when you live life on your own terms is second to none. It is all empowering and you will feel unstoppable. Even if you a mistake or have a little slip up you will feel ok because you made that decision. Love yourself a little. Forgive yourself and move on. You’ve got this!)

We are all blessed to be here on this earth and we get many chances in our lives to live as the best version of ourselves. Don’t let that opportunity slip by…

So why wait? Start right now.

Find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed (if possible out in nature) and take a moment to settle into this space. Be honest and truthful and kind to yourself as you ask yourself these questions. Take your time to write your reflections in a journal?

  • What am I grateful for right now?
  • How am I showing up in the world?
  • Is this the way I want to be seen or known for?
  • Am I being true to myself?
  • Am I living my life in alignment with my core beliefs and values?
  • What are my core beliefs & values?
  • Where am I holding myself back?
  • Am I allowing myself to fully express my thoughts and emotions?
  • What is it that lights me up and makes me truly happy?
  • How can I bring more of that joy into my life?

Sit with the thoughts and feelings that come up over the next few days & weeks. Be curious. Go on an exploration and really delve into what the answers mean for you. Think also about what habits, thoughts and emotions you may like to let go of and what micro steps you can take every day to bring about new habits, thoughts and meaning into your life. Practice them often and soon you will be living in alignment and others will begin to see your radiant self glow!

Share your loving gifts within your relationships with family, loved ones, friends and neighbours, your community at large. Then turn your attention to your suburb, town, district, region, state, country and then the rest of the world/universe. What is your destiny? How can you shine your light into the world so others by be lit up and in return be given permission to do the same?

Heal the World… Save the Planet…


There’s never been a better time to hit the reset button. There is a whiff of hope in the air, of new beginnings, of better things to come. A chance to pivot and course correct. A line in the sand where you can decide how you want to live right now and for the rest of your life.

Go get ’em Tiger…

So I hope that this little love note inspires you in some way to live your life as your true authentic self. Spend a little time out in Nature and enjoy yourself. Dig a little deeper and enquire what it is that lights you up. Then go and do that!

From my heart to yours,

Bushflowergirl xox

ps. drop me a note to let me know how you’re choosing to show up and if you’re really struggling I have some suggestions to get you started.

Wintertime Blues…

You could be forgiven for thinking today was a day picked straight out of Summertime…

Blue skies & sunshine…

Hot sun. A gentle breeze. Big blue sky. Dark blue sea.

While it’s still technically winter here in Queensland it’s days like today that bring hope of warmer weather. All the hibernating, restoring and nurturing of the long winter nights & short days are giving way to a sample of the seasons ahead.

On the beach there are plenty of people sunning their bodies and playing in the sea. Dogs frolic on the foreshore or explore the hind dunes. There is a sense of anticipation. Of excitement.

On my walk today I was reflecting on this and how grateful I am to live in such a place. Then my mind started wondering of those less fortunate, maybe cooped up indoors or in quarantine or another Covid lockdown.

So I’ve come up with a little list to lessen the load, the burden or strain of living like this and to bring a little of the outdoor in… I hope you enjoy it and it inspires you embrace life with nature.

Let the sun shine in

Open the windows, pull back the curtains and blinds and let a little sunshine and fresh air flood your space and wellbeing. It does wonders for the spirit!

Eat seasonal & fresh

Even if you don’t feel like it make an effort to keep nourishing yourself with good wholesome food. Share mealtimes and talk about positive things in your day. Maybe you could start a gratitude practice where everybody has a chance to share something they are grateful for each day.

Breakout the backyard cricket

Got a backyard or even a courtyard? Maybe just a veranda or a long hallway. Challenge the family to a game of backyard cricket or any sport you all like to play. A little friendly competition will soon break the boredom and have you all in a good mood. No-one to play with? That’s ok. Challenge yourself. Bounce a tennis ball against a wall and try catching it with your opposite hand. If this is too easy it’s up to you to find something that challenges you mentally or physically. Go on. I dare you.

Bring the outdoors in

Flowers and plants are a great way to bring a little nature into your home. A few flowers from your garden or potted plants on the window sill will brighten your day. Even supermarkets these days have a nice assortment of fresh flowers or if you are feeling extravagant you could order yourself a nice bunch from your local florist delivered straight to your door. Look closely at them, smell them, touch them or smile at them as you pass. You will feel great joy in your heart as they also help nurture your soul.

Time for a picnic – A couch picnic

No I haven’t gone mad… I know you can’t go outside so what about a couch picnic! That’s right! Right there in your home. Spread your mat on the floor and serve up some of your all-time favourite picnic treats. Be creative, spontaneous and above all have fun!

Splish Splash I was taking a bath

If it’s impossible to get to the ocean and you have a bathtub why not recreate your own seaside bliss… Search spotify for some ocean sounds, waves and whales are good, light some gently scented candles, arrange some seashells and run a lovely tub to immerse yourself in. Close your eyes as you lie back and let the gently lapping sounds carry you away.

Get crafty

Got kids? Or just some time for yourself. Fossick around and make a collection of found objects; sticks, leaves, flowers, stones, feathers are all good. Add to this some string, glue, glitter & googley eyes and you have the makings of an art session with nature. Some ideas include making some pet rocks, hanging mobiles, gift cards, place mats or book marks. Be as creative as you like!

Tech Time

Research has shown that even listening or watching nature can have a positive effect on your wellbeing. When you’ve exhausted all other avenues of you #covidnaturefix you might want to explore the many documentaries, podcasts and apps that you can find on nature and wellbeing. You might even like to schedule a Zoom call with others or start a watch party to share that time with someone special.

Take heart dear ones for the times they are a-changin’…

I hope this little list of ideas inspires you and encourages you to stay strong and positive. I truly believe that by strengthening your connection to nature and spending time each day with her you will soon be feeling more alive and hopeful about the opportunities each new day brings.

All my very best wishes to you all…

bushflowergirl xox

If you or someone you know is not coping or feels in need of support at this time help is available for you. Just reach out.





Other mental health helplines

New Moon, Dark Sky, Black Glossies…

Set your intentions free…

A noisy cockatoo squawks her way down the valley and lands ceremoniously atop a she-oak… it bends and sways under her weight but still she lets our her cry. Haunting and soulful it floats on the breeze. I wonder where her mate is as she cocks her head to one side. Her yellow cheeks flushed and her sweet little crest feathers ruffle in todays winter winds.

It’s as though she has come out of last night’s dark sky and moonless night, speckled with stars that stretch across time. My thoughts deepen as I think of this new moon cycle and the month ahead and what it is I wish to bring into fruition… a fresh project, a strengthening of character or perhaps learning a new skill? It is all there to blossom with just some awareness and intention and of course some inspired action… this new moon phase.

No seed pods for stripping the female Glossy Black lets out one more shriek before gracefully taking flight and continues down the valley taking with her my thoughts and giving my intentions wings so they may spread across the sky…

#blackgossies #newmoon #bushflowergirl


So how are you? I hope all is well in your world and your families are safe…

Finding beauty in Nature every day…

Living where we do in Australia and being blessed to have such natural surroundings to be able to still have some space, spend time in nature and feel some sense of freedom I feel very lucky and privileged. If fact, at the risk of sounding flippant, and that certainly is not my intention as I know many people’s lives have been seriously affected by Covid-19 pandemic, I have to say that l have been enjoying this time of staying at home and not having to travel far.

On a whole I think the forced travel restrictions, lock-downs and new socialising laws have allowed a lot of people to take a collective breath and slow down. It has allowed space to think, to re-evaluate and figure out what is really important in their lives.

As my dear Poppa said leading up to his final months on Earth:

“As long as you have a roof over your head, food in your belly and someone to love the rest is fairy floss…”

~ Maurice E. Blake
My dear Poppa taught me well…

He was right of course. We put so much emphasis on having more, being more, doing more but to what end? Surely we have just complicated things.

I remember one of the first lessons in social studies at primary school learning about the basic needs for life: food, water, shelter the teacher said. Add to that some sunshine and the great outdoors, love, friendships and fun and you have the makings of a contented life!

Last week we were watching some old episodes of Upper Middle Bogan on Catch Up TV and in the episode the boys were making a home movie. They were doing some really daggy things but the words they used were really impactful and I’ve been pondering them ever since.

In essence they were:

“Have something to do: Something to look forward to: And someone to love:”

~ Kayne from Upper Middle Bogan

So simple and yet such a good way to look at life and get things in perspective.

  • Having something to do keeps you occupied and gives you purpose;
  • having something to look forward to gives hope and builds excitement and momentum;
  • and having someone to love, and the reverse having someone to love you, brings meaning, joy, peace and contentment to your life.

So how have you been spending your days? What are you looking forward to? And who can you show your appreciation to to let them know they are loved and valued?

Take good care of yourselves & remember to take some time to

“Embrace Life with the Power of Nature”

Lots of love,

Bushflowergirl xox

Love is all around us…

Stay Calm & Smell the Flowers

The past few weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster for many. It is important in times of upheaval to keep yourselves safe and allow yourself some time to reconnect with your Inner Wise Self…Please find a copy of the Bushflowergirl Fellowship e-Newsletter which I hope will arm you with some strategies but also instil some peace and calm to carry you throughout these unchartered waters.

Stay safe and remember to take time to recharge in Nature

Out and About August 2019

Spring bush flowers are out and looking radiant! All photos are my own, some flowers are my first flowers in my new garden, others are from walks in the neighbourhood and some are from the Noosa National Park… Enjoy!

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