Emerging from the floods…

Here in Australia the whole Eastern seaboard has copped a drenching from the La Niña weather system that has bought flooding rains to the region.

Our thoughts are with the thousands of people from Queensland, New South Wales, the ACT and parts of Victoria who have lost so much over the past few weeks. Homes, pets, livestock, memorabilia, keepsakes & tragically human life. We watched in disbelief at the incredible scenes spewing out on the nightly news and realise now that the emotional costs far outweighs any financial damage.

Yesterday I read a first hand account of a very special lady I know and her husband and how hour by hour they watched the water rise up as they kept lifting things higher and higher until eventually they were forced to escape while the flood waters claimed everything. Such a frightening situation and so so sad to loose a life’s work and all the memories gathered in a home but at least they still have each other. 🙏🌺☹️

A week before we were battling with the uncertainties of our own flooding situation; guesstimating how high the rivers would rise, checking forecasts and weather radars, road closures, our own neighbours, families and friends and contending with empty supermarket shelves, power outages and communication tower breakdowns. It makes you realise the fragility of life and what is truly important to you.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.

There are stories emerging of heroic rescues during the height of the floods, makeshift kitchens set up to provide food for those who have lost everything and donation centers collecting bundles and bundles of supplies to help those in need.

It is this generosity and community spirit of helping one another that has been touching and restores your faith in humanity. The dropping of barriers, social status and everyone realizing that we are all the one and the same. The strength and resilience of people when faced with adversity is simply amazing. We band together. We lift one another up and we do what we need to do in order to keep going.

It’s in our nature! We are hardwired to survive! And it gives us hope for the future!

Looking back now I realise my daily struggles were just a drop in the pan if compared to others but it is also a reminder of just how precious life is… our own life… the lives of those we love,… the lives of a stranger… the lives of animals… the life of our planet 🌏

Take some time in your thoughts today to give thanks for all you have been blessed with. Take time this week to reach out to someone you love and tell them how much they mean to you. And take some quiet time to yourself to reflect of what’s important to you while living this one wild and precious life…

Lots of love

Bushflowergirl xox