Welcome! And thank you for stopping by my little blog. I truly hope you enjoy my musings and wonderings and make some time in your own lives to stop and see the beautiful world around us. With much gratitude and love…

Bushflowergirl xo

Tap Dancing

I have a little book that I keep on the shelf. I found it one day while fossicking through an op shop and it called out to me. At the time I didn’t know why, I didn’t even read it, and several times I’ve had it in the pile to go back to charity or … Continue reading

East Coast Low

For the last two days we’ve bore the brunt of another East Coast Low. Enormous seas continue to pummel the coast and ferocious winds are lashing the shoreline. Rain is torrential at times. With all the hallmarks of a tropical cyclone, but with slightly less intensity, the ECL (East Coast Low) is generally short lived … Continue reading

Where to from here?

My idea of a blog has slowed it’s heartbeat but there is still an ember that can be fanned. The fire is not out yet! I’ll better back very soon. I’m finding my voice, finding my tribe. I’m looking for direction and figuring out what to share.  In the meantime be sure to keep up … Continue reading

Slipping away…

I watched a yacht slip down the coast. Silently but surely. Inch by inch. It was just like time. Slipping away. So where has the time gone? Days have turned into weeks and I’ve not been in touch with you. With anyone really. Time has just slipped by. I hope you are all well and … Continue reading

Bush bee

</ While I was enjoying my lunch today a little visitor popped by to join me for a while. Thanks for your company Bush Bee. xx