Thanks for taking the first step to find your True Wild Self…

If you have found yourself here then you are in the right place. We are all on a journey to experience this life and I am of the belief that we are led to certain circumstances, events or people at a particular time in life to be given the opportunity to experience love, learning and healing.

If you are ready to find more contentment, joy and peace in your life,

If you are curious about rekindling your relationship with Nature to achieve more balance and spaciousness in every day,

If you crave connection to a community of like minded souls who uplift one another and you wish to be a part of a collective healing of the planet

Then I invite you to join us…

Using Bush Immersion Therapy and supported by Bush Flower Essences I offer loving guidance and support that will allow you to reconnect with Nature to allow you to rekindle your relationship with your deepest most inner self that is the truth of who you.

I will help you unlock your dreams and desires which dwell deep inside of you and are the keys to your shining light, for when you are lit up from the inside then can you feel personal freedom and true happiness.

And we can work together to tap into your well of potential source from where you can share your gifts with the world and allow others to also be ignited which then in turn gives them permission to shine too.

Using mindfulness, gratitude and forgiveness practices while being connected to the scientifically proven health enriching benefits of being immersed in the elements of the natural world we offer guided meditations in Nature, breathwork and gentle flow movements, playful connection to the natural world and sacred rituals and gathering in ceremony to connect for the highest good of all.

I can’t wait for you to experience the total bliss of finding your True Wild Self and I’m ready to share my expertise with you now.

Join me for a Mindfulness Walk in Nature to get acquainted or for deeper transformational experience book in for a 1:1 Consultation or join a Group Program by registering your interest below.

“There is no greater joy than that you can find in Nature…”

Bushflowergirl xox