Wattle Blossoms in the Springtime…

Here in Australia at this time of year there is an explosion of gold and yellow amongst the greenery of the bush… It’s Wattle season! It also heralds the beginning of Springtime in the bush.

With such a large number of wattle species it’s little wonder that wattle flowers have been associated with Australia for such a long time. September 1st is now recognised as National Wattle Day but as the past shows there have been several “Wattle Days” over the centuries.

If you head on over to the Wattle Day website you can read about the history of Wattle Day and some of the reasons it has been recognised over the years as an emblem of Australia.

I guess for me the significance of Wattle Day is to do with the diversity and resilience of the species; surviving drought and bushfire and flourishing in the face of adversity. Another aspect is the sheer number of species that make up the acacia genus; again representing that although we are many, we are one. But I guess the most important symbolism is that with the onset of flowering at this time of year is the joy & optimism that the season of Spring brings with it. The opportunity for fresh ideas, the energy of a new beginning.

And so it is too with the Australian Bush Flower Essence of SUNSHINE WATTLE. The cutest, tiniest little fluff balls that spark joy and optimism; that bring about the acceptance of beauty and joy in the present moment, and allow us to be open to a brighter future. It is particularly useful for people who may have suffered a difficult time in the past and are having difficulty moving on expecting only more disappointment and hard times. It can help to move into the present moment and to accept the beauty and joy of the current circumstances.

SUNSHINE WATTLE is one of the key Essences used in the AUSSIE BUSH SPIRIT mist for exactly that reason. It is all about revitalising hope for a better future and for us to stand together supporting one another through adversity for a better future for all.

Go well… Embrace Life with the Power of Nature…

Bushflowergirl xox