The Full Story of Bushflowergirl

Living a Simple Life with Nature

Bush: I grew up as a little bush girl in the Northern Territory of Australia amongst the Turkey Bush and Kurrajong trees and then later on a little farm in Queensland. I was incredibly shy and quiet. I enjoyed spending time on my own in Nature amongst the bush and with the animals.   We lived on a little farm, grew our own veggies, rode horses until dark and camped under the stars. We were always surrounded by animals, nature and family. School holidays were camping and always exploring new places to play.   We had pet magpies & kookaburras in the garden, possums in the rafters of our ceiling and a carpet snake in the shed! as well as a menagerie of farm animals to care for. When I left home I studied Animal Husbandry and Farm Management preferring the outdoors to the office… In fact everywhere I’ve lived I’ve always had a close connection to Nature and the Land both physically as well as Spiritually… xox  

Flower:  During my twenties I found myself living in the big smoke of Sydney and developed a passion for photography. This, and the surrounding National Parks were my link to Nature.   I had dreams of opening a little cafe with my own prints of the bush flowers and wildlife of the region on the walls. I even came up with the name “The Bushflower Cafe”.   Life took another twist and that chapter is still to be written but from that time on I was referred to as Bushflower or Bushflowergirl by my boss. I never knew that 20 years on the name would still stick!   And it was because of this name that I was introduced to the Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE). I was asked all the time if I was a practitioner and if I had any essences people could buy. Who knew that years later my curiosity would lead me to discover the subtle yet transformational energy that these little bottles of magic could deliver?   Our the past 5 years I’ve completed Level 1, 2 and 3 of the ABFE studies, completed the Practitioners Course and participated in the online Ageing Gracefully and Mental & Emotional Healing webinars as well as the Gaia program. In the near future I will enrol in the ABFE for Animals and Children with Learning Difficulties.   I’ve tested remedies on myself, my family, friends and animals with amazing results. The essences are gentle but powerful providing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual support. Used on their own or in conjunction with other healing methods they provide a wonderful balance to facilitate health and vitality, and as a way to open your mind to new things, a way to go deeper to fully understand who you are and uncover your true purpose and calling in Life… xox  

Girl: I thought about losing the suffix “girl” in case it caused any confusion since I’m in my forties! when I realised that the word “girl” in itself was one of the key components of what Bushflowergirl is all about.   Girl represents being childlike and having fun, celebrating and being connected with humanity, our families and the earth. Discovering your inner child and remembering how to be open to learning and discovery, to be curious and adventurous but also vunerable and able to ask for support when we need it.   Girl also embodies the feminine energy of flow, gentleness and loving kindness. And if you delve deeper into the feminine archetype of Mother it represents nurturing, but also strength to provide and protect those that you love… xox  

  So as you can see Bushflowergirl is more than just a person, it’s a whole way of living. It’s the way I live and I invite you to reconnect with Nature, with your inner child, to trust your intuition, be grateful for what you have and if you need support to reach out and try some Bushflower Magic.    

May we all be held by Mother Nature…    

Love from Bushflowergirl xox