Summer Days…

It’s been a long hot summer. In fact it’s been ridiculously hot. But hot means the chance to escape to the beach. And so it was just the other day when we hit the sand with some school friends…Image

Contemplating a swim…


While the girls were swimming I walked up onto the headland with my son only to spot two manta rays frolicking in the waves close by to the shore…


They were beautiful and free, gliding through the waves and for a moment I wished it was me…



  1. Thank you. The light was beautiful that afternoon and the free spirits on the beach were a pleasure to be with. We have had a long summer with little rain (summer is our rainy season) but for the last few mornings there has been a cool crispness in the air. The seasons are changing. 🙂


  2. Some have summer – while others still fight the winter. Great images. I like the soft and natural colours.


  3. Thank you. I’m glad to have bought you some warm memories! At the time of posting it was easy in the 30’s (celcius) but overnight a southeasterly wind has blown up the coast and it’s dropped at least 10degrees. I’ll have to post some “wild seas” pictures now!


  4. ekhaugli says:

    I love all the pics, but especially the last one. Reminds me of when I lived in Hawaii and when I got married in the Cook Islands. Nice, warm memories. How warm is it there right now?


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