Longest Summer…

With all the warm weather we’ve been having lately it’s hard to believe that winter is officially only two days away. Warm balmy days of endless sunshine – we’ve enjoyed our extended summer. Even some of the trees are confused blossoming like they do in spring. The only hint we have that the season will soon change is the crisp cool mornings that are sneaking in and the sun setting earlier. As for me, I’m enjoying every moment of it!



5 thoughts on “Longest Summer…

  1. The same goes for where I am presently – on the west coast of Norway. May the long summer just continue. You picture says exactly summer. It’s beautiful – I want to jump into the water!


    1. Thank you. It was a very tranquil afternoon and just before this shot (while I was frantically fumbling to get my phone switched on!) two beautiful pelicans swam by. Next time I’ll be ready for them! Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts!


    1. Thank you for stopping by. It is a beautiful river teaming with fish and bird life. In the day it sparkles and in the evening it shines. 🙂


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