So how are you? I hope all is well in your world and your families are safe…

Finding beauty in Nature every day…

Living where we do in Australia and being blessed to have such natural surroundings to be able to still have some space, spend time in nature and feel some sense of freedom I feel very lucky and privileged. If fact, at the risk of sounding flippant, and that certainly is not my intention as I know many people’s lives have been seriously affected by Covid-19 pandemic, I have to say that l have been enjoying this time of staying at home and not having to travel far.

On a whole I think the forced travel restrictions, lock-downs and new socialising laws have allowed a lot of people to take a collective breath and slow down. It has allowed space to think, to re-evaluate and figure out what is really important in their lives.

As my dear Poppa said leading up to his final months on Earth:

“As long as you have a roof over your head, food in your belly and someone to love the rest is fairy floss…”

~ Maurice E. Blake
My dear Poppa taught me well…

He was right of course. We put so much emphasis on having more, being more, doing more but to what end? Surely we have just complicated things.

I remember one of the first lessons in social studies at primary school learning about the basic needs for life: food, water, shelter the teacher said. Add to that some sunshine and the great outdoors, love, friendships and fun and you have the makings of a contented life!

Last week we were watching some old episodes of Upper Middle Bogan on Catch Up TV and in the episode the boys were making a home movie. They were doing some really daggy things but the words they used were really impactful and I’ve been pondering them ever since.

In essence they were:

“Have something to do: Something to look forward to: And someone to love:”

~ Kayne from Upper Middle Bogan

So simple and yet such a good way to look at life and get things in perspective.

  • Having something to do keeps you occupied and gives you purpose;
  • having something to look forward to gives hope and builds excitement and momentum;
  • and having someone to love, and the reverse having someone to love you, brings meaning, joy, peace and contentment to your life.

So how have you been spending your days? What are you looking forward to? And who can you show your appreciation to to let them know they are loved and valued?

Take good care of yourselves & remember to take some time to

“Embrace Life with the Power of Nature”

Lots of love,

Bushflowergirl xox

Love is all around us…