This is where the fun begins… This is where Bushflower Magic comes out to play… Enjoy!

Since I discovered the magic of using Australian Bushflower Essences my life has changed for the better and I believe they can help anyone needing support. If you are curious or would like to know more please feel free to reach out and ask any question you have or have a read of the FAQ section below…

30 minute 1:1 Bushflower Magic Energetic Revitalisation Consultation… If you’re feeling a little out of alignment like something is not quite right or you just need a little energetic boost I offer a 30 minute Bushflowergirl Energetic Revitalisation Consultation. (in person, on the phone or via Zoom) Each session includes a blend of Australian Bush Flower Essence personalised for you and your unique experience along with practical lifestyle support… $65 (30ml dropper bottle)

Free Gift of Bushflower Magic

Bushflower Magic Essence Single Dose of Australian Bush Flower Essence (30ml dropper bottle) personalised for you and your unique experience… $16.95 (+postage)

Bushflower Magic Mood Mists Enhance your day with a spritz of Australian Bushflower Essences blended with essential oils and pure Australian spring water to uplift the senses and support your mood and intentions.  $18 (+postage)