Good morning Sunshine


When I woke this morning I found a present right outside my door. If I’d slept in another minute I would have missed it. How lucky am I?



My Teapot


Today I broke my teapot,
And my heart was filled with sorrow,
For I knew that there would be no tea for me
When I woke upon the morrow.


Busy Bees


It seems I’m not the only one who has been busy lately. The other day I discovered these little guys hard at work. Flitting here and there, not pausing for a moment. It made me wonder if they ever take time to stop and smell the flowers!


Summer Days…


It’s been a long hot summer. In fact it’s been ridiculously hot. But hot means the chance to escape to the beach. And so it was just the other day when we hit the sand with some school friends…Image

Contemplating a swim…


While the girls were swimming I walked up onto the headland with my son only to spot two manta rays frolicking in the waves close by to the shore…


They were beautiful and free, gliding through the waves and for a moment I wished it was me…


Plastic butterflies


We call it the Goanna highway but it’s basically one of the only access routes from the sand dunes in front of our place through to the other side of our block. Lace monitors both juvenile and adults wander through at all times of the day. We stay out of their way admiring their intricate patterning and they stay out of ours by skirting around the kids toys. So when one particularly large specimen decided to take a liking to my daughters solar butterfly garden ornament we all gathered around to watch him in action.


Full Moon Rising


The surf pounds against the shore, and with it the wind, occasionally lulled between the sets, it’s white petticoat of froth illuminated in the twilight. Out over the darkening sea to the East my old friend appears. Golden and rounded to his fullest and slightly cloaked in smouldering clouds he rises slowly against the horizon. Proud and strong he surveys all before him, watching down with his old man smile to see what has become over the last month. All is well as I listen to the sigh of the waves as he breathes his golden spangled light over the dancing sea. It’s good to see you old friend.