New Beginnings…


They say there’s no time like the present.

And it’s also a New Moon so it seems like the perfect time for a new beginning!

Bushflowergirl started out just as a dream… a place to put my thoughts… my yearnings… my wanderings… a place to share my insights and love of the Natural world through words and pictures…

It still is… All that and a whole lot more

Bushflowergirl is growing up… She’s starting to speak up and take up space in the world… More confident… more in tune to herself and wanting to share what she has learned…

There’s so much to share I’m bursting to get started!

Enquiry, acknowledgement, calling back the lost parts and then transformation… and it keeps happening over and over going deeper and deeper each time… HOW EXCITING!

I still intend to share with you my wanderings, my dreams and the results of all my seeking but I want to also share with you an opportunity to work together… for me to share my gifts with you…

So WELCOME to the new look and feel of BUSHFLOWERGIRL

I hope you enjoy this new space and you feel comfortable here…

Poke around a little and see what you think… Let me know by leaving a post in the comments or sending me a message… I’m also on Facebook and I’m in love with Instagram if you prefer… occasionally I even Tweet!

And of course if you have any questions at all I’m here to be of service, to guide you on your path to happiness, joy and freedom by reconnecting with all your parts through Nature and celebrating with like minded folk…

I invite you to join the Bushflowergirl e-News Tribe and in return you will receive the Bushflowergirl Nature Journal downloadable pdf as my gift to you… It’s a place to start recording your own personal transformation as you Embrace Life with the Power of Nature...

Much love and gratitude to you all for being with me on this path to a contented life… It is my wish that we can all find true happiness, love and joy in this lifetime…

Love always from Bushflowergirl xox


Grounded in Nature…


Being grounded to me feels like coming home. It is my happy place…

It means being completely comfortable, open and true to myself. It means being fully present, relaxed and confident of who I am. An inner knowledge that I am exactly where I’m meant to be at this time in my life. I feel peaceful yet purposeful. I feel a strong connection to the Earth and to fellow man-kind. It is a reminder that we are all here for each other. But most of all I feel my heart expanding. I’m so grateful for the beauty of Mother Nature and the way she makes me feel. My cup runneth over… And when I’m in this place I can help others without depleting myself; I can be creative without running dry; I have unlimited energy, thoughts and kindness…

It’s like coming home, to me…

Some ways to Ground yourself:

  • Spend some time in Nature; a walk, swim, picnic, bike ride, surf, horse ride, anything you love to do that connects you with Mother Earth
  • Tend to your garden or someone else’s; if you don’t have a yard plant some herbs or flowers in pots and tend to them daily or join a community garden
  • Get close with an animal; whether it’s a domesticated pet or a bird on your windowsill or a lizard in the park, spend a moment of time with them. Really look at them and see if they try to connect back with you
  • Take off your shoes!!! Feel the Earth beneath your feet, the soft grass, the sand or even some cool mud. Let your feet breathe and enjoy everyday
  • Hug a tree! Seriously. Get to “know” the trees in your neighbourhood; how they sound, how they smell, how they feel, when they flower. Listen to their whispers

For me I like to walk in the bush… the many birds, insects and trees… by a creek or along the coast… It stirs the soul…

So how do you ground yourself?

Leave a comment… I’d love to hear xox

One Hundred Years From Today


FRIDAY 25/11/16:

I’m in Byron Bay tonight and for those that have been here before you understand that the town has a heartbeat that beats to the sound of a bongo. Heck the welcome sign as you enter this laid back beach town even invites you to join it’s rhythm…

– Slow Down – Chill Out – Relax –

Young people in particular are drawn to this area. They mingle in small groups and straggle across the roads linked arm in arm from one happy place to the next; they sprawl out on the lawn that flows down to the beach past pandanus and seagulls; they stuff themselves into cafes and little restaurants along Bay Lane wedged in elbow to elbow. All smiling. All beautifully in touch with the moment. That moment of just being. Carefree. That moment of endless possibility. And they all seem so happy and beautiful. Not just in the physical sense but in that most contented phase of bliss where they are just enjoying life and seeing what it has to throw at them.

It’s a very nice feeling and the higher vibration soon imbues itself on all those that come to visit the area.

The moment I arrive in town I head straight up to the lighthouse on the point. The most Easterly point of mainland Australia. Somewhat an icon in this area and I must visit for tourists the imposing white tower juts up into a ridiculously blue sky warning all seafarers of the dangers that lurk below her headland. Sea birds drift on the up currents winging their way this way and that and the waves roll gently onto rocks below churning up the clear water. As I’d been driving for nearly four hours I just pay the $8 bucks to the friendly park ranger to park my car in the National Park grounds. I didn’t even blink an eye. Clearly the vibe had already entered my subconscious. Maybe because I had the windows down as I drove through town I mused. Ah, what the heck… the path of least resistance and is it really going to matter next week, next month, next year?

The coffee machine has made it’s last shot for the day so I celebrate with a decadent chocolate ice cream instead. I forgot that NSW operates on Daylight Savings Time during the summer months so I’m an hour later than I thought I was. (Although not technically – it’s just they like to think so!) Which also means I have less than an hour to view the lighthouse, check into my digs and get to the bookshop for an author talk I thought would be fun to go to. Easy. Remember, I’m just going with the flow…

The first person I see as I approach the corner bookshop with it’s white timber verandah and Illawarra flame tree spreading out a flowery red carpet is no other an William McInnes himself. The author I’ve come to hear speak. He’s quite tall and somewhat older than I remember although still handsome and charming.  I recognise that familiar Queensland sarcasm and wit which makes Queenslanders so endearing. He seems like a fun bloke, perhaps a bit of a larrikin and we exchange a little chit chat and share a laugh or two before he is set upon by some eager fans who have also forgotten the time difference and are in a flap to spend as much time as possible in his company. I smile as I make my exit to mingle with some friendly looking locals.
Margaret is a vision in her buttery yellow nylon outfit with the flower in her hair the only give away  of her kindness which is masked by her cynicism and dry sense of humour. Nick and his wife are along for a laugh (and a free glass of bubbles or two) before they head off to The Green as they affectionately call the Bowls Club for dinner, presumably crumbed chops with mash and veg.
The talk gets underway and we are soon swept along for a rollicking ride with tales of growing up and the little things that we remember, the people we rub shoulders with and the funny things they did, the mischief we get up to. All the flotsam and jetsam that fill the gaps and the spaces in-between the major milestones of life, the meaningless things, the seemly unimportant things until we muse upon them and then realise that they are the things that ultimately weave their golden threads throughout our lives and hold it all together. He speaks fondly of his parents and how they are no longer with him. He reminisces and can hear the sound of their voices in his mind as he recalls how their own unique quirky ways shape and mould us into the people we are today. And it’s the everyday things. Habits, sayings and mannerisms. It gets me to thinking about my own life and what we will be remembered for. Chances are it won’t be for money, fame or fortune so it’s time to make every day count. Slow down but also enjoy more. More of the little things. And to have a crack at a few new things too. Enjoy every moment and realise that this is your life.

The night ends with a short rendition of Dean Martin’s 100 Years From Today and as I stumble out into the night rubbing shoulders with the young beautiful people I somehow think they already have it all worked out.

Live a full life for one day all you will have will be your memories and the legacy you leave behind… Let’s make it a good one.

William Mcinnes’ latest book FULL BORE is available at good bookshops now

The Byron Bay Lighthouse is open 365 days of the year and is operated by National Parks

For a pleasant stay in Byron I recommend BYRON SPRINGS guesthouse.

Listen to Dean Martin 100 Years From Today for some inspiration xxx

(This is a personal account of a night in Byron Bay. I have no affiliates with any of the above mentioned links.)

Tap Dancing



I have a little book that I keep on the shelf. I found it one day while fossicking through an op shop and it called out to me. At the time I didn’t know why, I didn’t even read it, and several times I’ve had it in the pile to go back to charity or the annual school fair. So It makes you wonder why somethings come into your life and for what particular reason. Well today I picked it up and just let it fall open at a random page. This is the quote I have to share with you today…

When you’re skating on thin ice you might as well tap-dance. Stick your neck out, volunteer, have a go, reach out beyond your best performance and when you do, do so with style, élan, panache. You will learn more from a brilliantly executed failure than from a success planned within the dreary safety of what you already know. Winning easy is boring, pointless work.”

…. Bryce Courtenay, A Recipe for Dreaming, 1994


East Coast Low


For the last two days we’ve bore the brunt of another East Coast Low. Enormous seas continue to pummel the coast and ferocious winds are lashing the shoreline. Rain is torrential at times. With all the hallmarks of a tropical cyclone, but with slightly less intensity, the ECL (East Coast Low) is generally short lived in comparison lasting only a few days and with wind strengths marginally lower. There is however still the risk of flash flooding and storm damage.

The ECL can occur on the east coast of Australia at any time of the year, sometimes as a hangover from a tropical cyclone and at other times of the year, more commonly during Autumn and Winter, due to favourable upper atmospheric conditions.  Air pressure over warmer sea temperatures found in eddies of warm water travelling in the East Coast Current collide with weather conditions such as a cold trough travelling across the land and produce a rapidly forming intense low pressure system. They are very unpredictable and can form rapidly. Similar conditions are also reported off the coast of Africa and America where they are known as an east coast cyclone.

So for us, well we’ve hunkered down with the windows shut tight and the gutters overflowing. Hot soups and casseroles are the order of the day. Our little butcher bird friends have visited our windowsill in between showers, their appetites bigger than usual.

As the low passes tonight, the clouds are still heavy but the relentless seas still batter the coast. Stay safe beautiful people. xxx

view a short video on my vimeo account here:

Slipping away…


I watched a yacht slip down the coast. Silently but surely. Inch by inch. It was just like time. Slipping away. So where has the time gone? Days have turned into weeks and I’ve not been in touch with you. With anyone really. Time has just slipped by. I hope you are all well and all is good in your world. x