New Moon, Dark Sky, Black Glossies…

A noisy cockatoo squawks her way down the valley and lands ceremoniously atop a she-oak… it bends and sways under her weight but still she lets our her cry. Haunting and soulful it floats on the breeze. I wonder where her mate is as she cocks her head to one side. Her yellow cheeks flushed and her sweet little crest feathers ruffle in todays winter winds.

It’s as though she has come out of last night’s dark sky and moonless night, speckled with stars that stretch across time. My thoughts deepen as I think of this new moon cycle and the month ahead and what it is I wish to bring into fruition… a fresh project, a strengthening of character or perhaps learning a new skill? It is all there to blossom with just some awareness and intention and of course some inspired action… this new moon phase.

No seed pods for stripping the female Glossy Black lets out one more shriek before gracefully taking flight and continues down the valley taking with her my thoughts and giving my intentions wings so they may spread across the sky…

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So how are you? I hope all is well in your world and your families are safe…

Finding beauty in Nature every day…

Living where we do in Australia and being blessed to have such natural surroundings to be able to still have some space, spend time in nature and feel some sense of freedom I feel very lucky and privileged. If fact, at the risk of sounding flippant, and that certainly is not my intention as I know many people’s lives have been seriously affected by Covid-19 pandemic, I have to say that l have been enjoying this time of staying at home and not having to travel far.

On a whole I think the forced travel restrictions, lock-downs and new socialising laws have allowed a lot of people to take a collective breath and slow down. It has allowed space to think, to re-evaluate and figure out what is really important in their lives.

As my dear Poppa said leading up to his final months on Earth:

“As long as you have a roof over your head, food in your belly and someone to love the rest is fairy floss…”

~ Maurice E. Blake
My dear Poppa taught me well…

He was right of course. We put so much emphasis on having more, being more, doing more but to what end? Surely we have just complicated things.

I remember one of the first lessons in social studies at primary school learning about the basic needs for life: food, water, shelter the teacher said. Add to that some sunshine and the great outdoors, love, friendships and fun and you have the makings of a contented life!

Last week we were watching some old episodes of Upper Middle Bogan on Catch Up TV and in the episode the boys were making a home movie. They were doing some really daggy things but the words they used were really impactful and I’ve been pondering them ever since.

In essence they were:

“Have something to do: Something to look forward to: And someone to love:”

~ Kane from Upper Middle Bogan

So simple and yet such a good way to look at life and get things in perspective.

  • Having something to do keeps you occupied and gives you purpose;
  • having something to look forward to gives hope and builds excitement and momentum;
  • and having someone to love, and the reverse having someone to love you, brings meaning, joy, peace and contentment to your life.

So how have you been spending your days? What are you looking forward to? And who can you show your appreciation to to let them know they are loved and valued?

Take good care of yourselves & remember to take some time to

“Embrace Life with the Power of Nature”

Lots of love,

Bushflowergirl xox

Love is all around us…

21 ways to fall in love with Nature over and over again…

Being out in Nature is my most favourite place to be. It soothes me and makes me feel so connected to the source energy of Mother Earth. She is so awesome and can stop you in your tracks and suck your breathe away with her wondrous beauty or be so immensely challenging to the point that you question your own existence. But the best part is that whether you choose to do it on your own or with someone special the energy you will feel after spending time with her will have a lasting effect on your happiness; your mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing…

How many of these ideas have you tried or do on a regular basis?

  1. Watch the Sun come up
  2. Swim in the Ocean
  3. Walk barefoot on the grass
  4. Listen to the whispers of the trees
  5. Talk to the Animals
  6. Take some art supplies outside & get creative
  7. Lie on a blanket under the stars
  8. Grow some herbs or tend to your garden
  9. Go camping with a bunch of friends
  10. Find a waterfall & swim in it
  11. Discover a secret garden, maze or labyrinth
  12. Book a holiday somewhere Wild
  13. Pack a picnic and head outdoors
  14. Watch the Moon rise and make a Wish
  15. Climb to the top of the highest mountain
  16. Take time to smell the flowers
  17. Keep a Nature Journal
  18. Give back to Nature eg volunteer, sign a petition, make a donation
  19. Share what you love about Nature with someone else
  20. Pick some flowers to bring Nature indoors
  21. Be curious Explore Dream Remember Connect with the Earth…

Connecting with Nature can have a powerful long-lasting effect on your wellbeing. What is your favourite way to connect? I’d love to hear in the comments below…

Love Bushflowergirl xox

“Embrace Life with the Power of Nature”

Bushflowergirl xox

Free Gift of Bushflower Magic

Feel The Magic

Dear friends, Nature lovers and curious beings…

For the past few years I’ve been studying and experimenting with Australian Bush Flower Essences and their beautiful healing qualities. I’ve used them myself for emotional support and experimented with them on on my animals with great results. I’ve now decided that it’s about time that I bought these gifts forward in a more tangible way and share them with the world – I’m starting my own business! πŸ˜€

In preparation for an offer I am preparing for release and in order to gain an understanding as to how I may serve you best I’m reaching out to my audience, the people I know and trust and who know me best to ask if you would be willing to be surveyed in exchange for a FREE GIFT.

I’m looking for 10-12 people who:

🌸 want to rekindle their relationship with Nature to find better balance and contentment, love & connection for the greater good of the planet

🌸 played in Nature as a young person and have lost touch with her along the way as adulthood took over

🌸 who still enjoy playing in Nature and are willing to share their positive experiences as to how it makes them feel and the positive benefits of spending time outdoors can have on your mental and emotional being

🌸 who are experiencing grief, loss, pain, suffering, anxiety, apprehension, anger, depression, alienation, loss of drive, loss of energy, loss of direction, lack of commitment – in fact any negative feeling or emotion past or present that is holding you back from living your life to it’s fullest potential and are curious about exploring Bush Flower Essences and Earth based healing I’m also looking for people…

🌸 interested in using nature based remedies and mindfulness techniques to enhance positive feelings of joy, happiness, abundance, closer spiritual connection to self or others or animals or the earth and are willing to express their desires. πŸ¦‹

In return I will gift to you a bottle of Bushflower Magic (my own special blend of Australian bush flower essences) specifically chosen just for you. 🌼

Bush Flower Essences are subtle vibrational remedies that work on the energetic fields of the body using the potent life force of some of the oldest and purest plants on the planet to help balance our own emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs. They are gentle and non invasive and work together with your body’s own subtle energy system to bring balance, purpose, peace and happiness to your life. 🌺

I’m on a mission to help people reconnect with Nature to heal old wounds and discover their true, wild self…

I’d love you to join me ☺️ With much love & gratitude πŸ™πŸ’«πŸŒΉ


Nature Based Life Coach


🌸🌸🌸 “Embrace Life with the Power of Nature” 🌸🌸🌸

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Lessons from a seaside village in Germany

Fresh back from 12 days in Germany I’ve been reflecting on my time spent there; the people I met, the places I visited and the experiences I had. This caused me to think about some of my observations and prompted me to share some of the lessons I learnt from my time there…

I was based in Strande, a seaside village just north of Kiel in the North East of Germany on the Baltic Sea. It was summer time and the weather glorious. Roses were blooming everywhere and the birds were tweeting. People were happy and friendly and my lack of knowledge with the German language was no barrier.

After hiring a bicycle on the first day I set about exploring the surrounding countryside and coastline and this is what I found…

A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way…

One morning while peddling along the bike path I came upon a lighthouse with a little cafe nestled at it’s base. Brightly coloured flowers bloomed in pots and stripes deck chairs were arranged comfortably in the garden. The owner was a cheery lady who was happy to speak in English thankfully as it put me out of my misery of not having a grasp on the German language. We struck up a conversation and she told me of how she had started her little business, some of the history about the lighthouse and some stories of some of her visitors. She asked where I came from and I shared stories of my home and family and my plans to go exploring on my bike. Before long we were having a good old laugh, she pointed out a few bike paths and I left feeling rather buoyed by our spirited conversation. I guess it goes to show that if you greet people with a smile they are more often than not willing to respond with mutual respect and kindness.

Meaningful Connection Is The Key To Happiness...

My home away from home was right on the promenade across from the beach which had a great vantage point for people watching. It’s fun to see how people interact and I love watching the subtle differences you see in other cultures. One of the most significant things I saw was the connections people had with one another. They took the time to stop and chat, maybe a touch to the arm and a smile before moving on. Fathers playing with children, elderly people strolling arm in arm and almost everybody had a dog that was also making connections! Everybody it seemed was happy and content just being. Sometimes people would be engaged in conversation for ages with seemingly no rush. Just being in the moment, and each moment was important. Maybe being a small village had something to do with it but it made me think how nice it was that everyone was connected in some way. How are your connections with the people you see everyday? Do you know your neighbour? Do you chat to the cashier at the checkout? What about your partner and you children? Do you take the time each day to truly connect on a deep level?

A Dip In The Sea Sets You Up For The Day…

Early each morning I noticed people dressed in their robes make their way down to the sea for a dip. It seemed rather a reverent affair, more like a ritual, as they disrobed and made their was across the stoney shoreline and out into the water. Now it may have been summer but the water was still cold and I personally couldn’t come to terms with it but I am in awe and have total respect and hope that now I’m home I may well take it up as part of my morning routine come summer. Until I’m brave enough I’m going to try turning the hot tap off first in my morning shower and having a quick rinse under the cold water to get the heart pumping for the day. There is scientific evidence that such practice can activate the immune system and help with removal of accumulated waste! Ah… those Germans. I think they’re onto something.

Contemplation Brings Peace and Perspective…

The other thing I noticed was that people would often sit quietly on a bench seat and look out over the sea. Sometimes they were alone but more often than not they were with someone else. Perhaps they had said all they needed to say but it struck me as a beautiful thing that you could sit in silence and be comfortable with one another without feeling the need to keep talking to fill the space. I spent quite a lot of my time alone and so found myself in contemplation much of the time as well. It was good. And like a meditation there was time for ideas to drop in, time for rumination of thoughts and then just time for stillness…

Move Your Body Everyday! Have More Fun and Spend Time In Nature…

I didn’t see a lot of fat people over there. I mean some people had a stocky build but you didn’t see overweight or obese people. Partly due to the fact I guess that everyone seemed so active. Every day I saw a lot of people out walking and cycling. I found myself checking out calf muscles and ankles and it was apparent that the fitness levels in even the elderly was impressive. And speaking of the elderly they all seemed quite spritely. One day I saw a lady of 60 or so out with what seemed to be her mother, both enjoying a beer and a laugh! There were happy people out and about everywhere and it really was the most wonderful feeling to be surrounded by happy people out in Nature enjoying life!

These were the lessons that I learned in a seaside village of Germany… I hope you enjoy them…

Bushflowergirl xox

Embrace Life with the Power of Nature